Different Types Of Movies

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An outlook on Movies There are several different types of movies people like to see. In fact, almost everyone has a certain type of movie they like to watch that will make them happy in some way. Incisively because there has been so many movies made, many different categories of movies exist. However, there are three main categories that people automatically think of: horror films, comedy, and love stories. Horror films are made to give people a thrill seeking feeling by its mental act. These movies are mostly unreal but others are true stories based on someone’s real life. What kind of feeling people have from watching a scary movie may differ. According to the article “Horror movies: Why people love them” by Leslie Fink, one of the reasons we watch so many scary movies is because of the thrill it gives us and how it brings the primal behavior to assess threat levels. Just because someone has a strong desire to watch horror films doesn’t mean they are complete freaks because many just love the adrenaline rush that these types of movies give off. Linked to a horror film would be much like the movie called Strangers. This movie was well played for its exhilaration it gives to the people. Movies of this type generate people to use their imagination, but can be looked…show more content…
Often comedy movies make people laugh and always put people in a great mood. Films of this style have a main emphasis on one’s humor. Many funny movies such as Step Brothers, have a happy ending. Watching how certain people react to this type of movie is very interesting because everyone has a different reaction from one another. By people’s reactions it shows what kind of character they are in life. Many viewers don’t understand what the point of a comedy movie is, but they can always give them a good laugh. Watching a funny movie every now and then can give people a reminder that they don’t have to be so serious all the
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