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Commentary After reading Alice Walker’s novel ‘The Colour Purple’[1] I was heavily influenced by the theme of identity manipulation and oppression. Several other novels including ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’[2] and ‘Fingersmith’[3] helped further my understanding and thoughts around this theme, whilst also shaping my own attitudes and ideas on this subject. The oppression and manipulation of identity, a theme which neatly links the pieces together, was an appropriate foundation for my writing and was additionally developed by my wider reading. The non-fiction piece ‘Confessions of a People Watcher’ is a personal response to this theme; written in the form of a narrative essay it attracts a well-educated audience who have an interest in the personal opinion of such subjects. Although the primary purpose of this piece is to inform the reader, it was also created to inspire the reader’s own opinions around the themes. Additionally the fictional piece ‘I Wonder if God Can See Me’ also explores the theme; written in the style of ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’[2] the piece effectively uses the plot of ‘The Colour Purple’[1] to rewrite an excerpt of the story from the view of protagonist Celie, similarly attracting a well-educated although primarily female audience. In addition to reading of the two core stimulus texts[1][2] , the use of the films[4][5] of these novels also helped stimulate visual understanding of the theme, an important factor in the writing of the non-fiction piece. In conjunction with this, the film ‘Memento’[6] and the short story upon which it is based, ‘Memento Mori’[7] helped shape my ideas behind the non-fiction piece, fuelling an insight into the loss of identity. This, and further background material including ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’[8] and ‘Room’[9] all helped to give the pieces weight in the understanding of the connecting theme, thus making them well
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