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Teri Millner English 097 February 19, 2013 Learning to Read From My Mother When I was a child I thought nothing about having to read. Being the youngest of seven siblings, I had someone reading to me constantly. As I grew up though, learning would quickly become something valuable and important to me. My family background was a driving force in inspiring my love of learning. The person in my family who stood out the most was my mother. Her father died when she was an infant so my grandmother had to go to work, leaving my mother and her two siblings alone. She spoke only Spanish, which made it difficult for her to want to stay in school. My mother ended up with only a third grade education and she never learned how to read. She was able to function well in life, making purchases at stores. As my older siblings got…show more content…
It was a long time before I realized if I wanted to do better for myself, I would have to take the initiative read to educate and become knowledgeable. Once I got married and had my own child it seemed my dream of becoming a lawyer would never come to be. But I became more in my child’s eyes I was not only her mother but a teacher. I was able to pass on the stories my mother shared with me, as well as many other stories. I also passed along the passion to read and write. As an adult I used this knowledge to apply my reading to researching and allowing me to attain better jobs and further my career, teaching my child. My career involved working with the Internal Revenue Service and eventually steered me to apply for a job at the Clovis-Carver Library. Attaining the job made reading become a big part of my life again. I was able to become more knowledgeable about the authors and their style of writing. I am grateful for my mother and her being able to accomplish instilling the want to read and

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