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Tamara Scott My Alanon meeting I attended an alanon meeting on Wednesday February 29,2012 at 7:15. The meeting was located at St.Micheals church on the northside of Racine. This was my first alanon meeting. I have been to aa and n/a meetings before but never an alanon meeting. The meeting was an open meeting, but I felt weird and out of place because it was family members of alcoholics and drug addicts, not a person in recovery like me. It was definitely a different experience for me. When I got there everyone greeted me and I felt welcomed right away. There were more people there then I thought were going to be. There were only women there and they were all ages. I still felt uncomfortable because I was a recovery drug addict and not a family or friend of a person dealing with alcololics or drug addicts. Then I met this one lady and she introduced herself and told me she was there because her husband was an alcoholic. She was a very nice and she made me feel more relaxed. So I was ready to listen when the meeting started. As the meeting started there was a moment of silence followed by the serenity prayer. Then the women running the meeting read the alanon anonymity statement. Then everyone introduced themselves and I did too, but I told them that I was there to listen. Then some of the women started sharing their feelings about how their loved ones actions have impacted their life. I felt a little more comfortable. They did talk a little about the disease concept and I was surprised. I did start to feel a sense a hope and it felt like family. When the meeting was over they closed it with the serenity prayer. I did not leave right away because I was still talking to some of the women. Mt thoughts on what the women got out of the meeting is a sense a hope. That they are not alone dealing with loved ones that have an addiction. I think it helped most of

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