Orwell And Dillard Analysis

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Apples & Oranges There are multiple ways to write a story. One approach fills your head with such atmosphere that you know exactly where the character is going and can picture the area around this narrator. Doing this can ground you into the story and guide you along as it progresses. Another approach would be to give you enough information so that you know what’s going on but not so much that you linger on events or atmosphere. This story can put you in a place and then push you briskly through the story as you read it. When reading different stories it’s easy to find out the different atmosphere and pacing through the written piece. One would take their time trying to place you in the event of the story and give you the emotions and thoughts…show more content…
Both Orwell and Dillard are very good at crafting a story from memory. They both use methods of story telling that engages the reader and makes you want to read more. Orwell carefully uses his words to give you as much feeling and thought as you read his story; where as Dillard writes her story in a way that progresses it with just enough information to keep the story fast and interesting. I believe that I write my stories more in the way Dillard does than Orwell. I usually write a story using minimal information and using just enough atmosphere so that you know what is happening as the story progresses. I felt my writing was similar to Dillard’s because she never lingered on a certain occasion or instance in her story where as Orwell takes a great amount of time to describe most of what is happening in his story. Orwell tries to put you in his shoes as best as he can by telling you everything that is happening, in his mind and his surroundings. I liked the way Annie Dillard handled her essay better than Orwell. To me she used a pacing that kept me wanting to read and get to the ending so that I could see what would finally happen in the end. Orwell’s essay tended to get away from me at times and took more than a couple of reads to get what he might have been saying. Even now as I think about Orwell’s essay I’m left with a cloudy interpretation of what his story could have been
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