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CHAD GREY Professor ENGL 111 14 April 2011 Reflecting on English 111 Over the course of sixteen weeks, I feel that I have gained a greater understanding for how to construct and evaluate an essay. Before taking this class, I could barely construct a paragraph and now I feel I can write a decent paper covering whatever topic. I learned how to judge my audience and adjust my writing to best suite them. I found that I like writing, and enjoy seeing the final product; like something I can be really proud of. Peer reviews were difficult for me, because I do not think of myself as a very critical person, but the course overall was very helpful. The first, and my personal favorite would be the explanatory essay. I enjoy reading, and I liked the fact that I could reflect on the book as a whole, giving my thoughts on the events as they were unfolding. The more I wrote, the more defined my opinions became, and the more confident my writing grew. Where I stated, “I believe this novel was Bronte’s life work, masterpiece, and what she felt about this world in general,” is a prime example of my explanation of the novel. Even a few times, I found myself going back to my explanatory essay in reference, because it gives an almost perfect summary of the book. The fact that you can pick up a well thought out explanatory essay on any subject, read it, and then gain an adequate understanding of the matter is convenient. We live in a fast paced age, where time is everything and some would rather read an essay than a book. In taking this class I also learned about the evaluation essay, which is one that gave me new perspective on the book Wuthering Heights. An evaluation essay is one that criticizes a topic, and sheds light on a reoccurring theme. I wrote my essay on the negativity that is seen throughout the book Wuthering Heights. I enjoyed writing my evaluation essay,

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