Reflective Essay 2nd Semester

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Reflective essay 2nd semester Ashley Fisher Professor Underwood Us World & Africa History Wise April 27, 2010 Reflective Essay Although second semester is the time where most students start to slack, not want to come to class due to the transition from the cold weather to the warm weather, and just basically not as excited about school like they were in the previous first semester, I must say I still enjoyed Ms. Underwood’s class overall. Although since last semester professor Underwood teaching method, which is note taking and discussions through power points still stayed the same, other things she did the previous semester had changed. Last semester we took weekly quizzes through web ct, and had multiple blogs and two big papers. This semester we took in class quizzes, we only had three blogs, and only one big paper. I must say I liked the idea of one big paper because in my opinion there is no way you can receive a bad grade. Since the paper was due towards the end of the semester with segments of it due throughout the semester like proposal, rough draft, and ECT, this gave me more than enough time to work on it. Also, I had the opportunity to turn my paper in early so that I can receive feedback on it before the due date increasing my chances of receiving a good grade. I must say I feel like I have become a better writer since last semester. I took the comments, criticism, and suggestions professor Underwood gave me on previous papers and put them into this paper. I also began to see changes within my grade because last semester my first rough draft grade was a C I believe but, this semester my rough draft grade was an A. When it comes to the quizzes, last semester online quizzes where questions based on the readings that we were covering. I never had a problem with these because as long as I read the required material I did really well on those

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