Gothic Literature Essay

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Gothic Literature Literature is a wide area of knowledge that contributes to discovery and propagation of new ideas in society. Through literary discourse, people generate ideas that contribute to betterment of society and its constituents. Various fields of knowledge characterize the literary domain. Throughout the semester, I had an opportunity to study and broaden my knowledge regarding various aspects of literature. Prominence of Gothic literature was apparent in the course. Through participation in class, I learnt numerous facts. Various class activities offered valuable insights into gothic literature with emphasis on definition, historical background, and relevance to modern literary discourse. Skills learnt during the semester had positive influence on my writing and critical thinking skills. At the beginning of the semester, I had poor writing skills and critical thinking skills. Various class activities explored avenues and styles of writing. I learnt how to incorporate creativity in writing to satisfy the readers. Skills acquired in class shaped my perception of gothic literature as a noble genre that applies creativity and critical thoughts that change the society. After undertaking this course, I have high regard for literary discourse that promotes positive thinking in society. I acquired a deeper understanding of Gothic literature and how it influenced various playwrights and thinkers around the world. The course has helped me improve my writing skills by imparting new knowledge. Through studying gothic literature, I got an in-depth knowledge about a literary style that continues to gain popularity in contemporary society. Before joining this class, I had inadequate knowledge on dynamics of literature. For instance, I did not know the history and founders of Gothic literature. I thought that this style is relatively new in literary discourse.

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