Rap's Impact on Society

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Ronnie Brown 6/10/11 How Has Rap Impacted Society It is safe to say that Rap music has been an influence to society, and still is influencing society as we speak. How Rap music has influenced society can be examined from both good and bad angles. Rap is known to be a controversial topic, and will immediately ignite conversation. Evolving and changing over the years, Rap has been able to affect the entire world in more ways than one. Good or bad, it is still pretty impressive to witness how one of the youngest genres of music has grown and is still growing. A lot of people only allow themselves to focus on the negativity effects Rap has had on society. I think it is important that you take the good with the bad, the ups and the downs. Overall we can see how Rap music has affected men and women differently. You can even look down into different cultures and see it’s bigger than just inner city urban youth. If you were to look around you can find the presence of Rap music anywhere. Rap has become more of a hustle and is looked at now as more of an investment to newer generation of artist. It plays the role of a stepping stone into more above and beyond opportunities. Artists are now able to take a step further outside of the music industry through Rap music. Over the years we have seen rappers take on movie rolls, directing movies, music videos, venturing out into the field of clothing, fragrants, reality television, beverages, corporate positions, and more. Wendy Day states that “Today, it’s the new dope game—everyone is trying to hit a lick and make a quick buck in the music industry, it seems. This change in the music (from art to commerce) also brought about a change in the people working in the music industry.” (Day Wendy, The Ever Changing Rap Music Business, Jan 2010) The internet has made it extremely easy for artist to make a way to get their own

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