Rap Music Violence

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\ Noel Rivera English 102 Prof- McNamara Rap music promotes violence! The violent effect of rap music has been proven time and time again that it not only promotes but encourages violence and unlawfulness to it audience. Rap music in the 20th century has become a part of American culture and its message to the youth is connected with popular yet misguided phrases like “Get rich or die trying”, “Money over Bitches”, “Thug life”, and the most popular, “F**k the police!”. This language in rap music is something that parents need to consider before letting their child listen to their favorite Hip-Hop artist. However, this wasn’t always the case. Rap music once portrayed a positive message through the language of hip-hop culture, but that was a long time ago and things have changed. Today, Rap music has Specific violent message which is “Kill or be killed”. Incidents have occurred through rap music that promotes violent retaliation as a response to the music. Several Musicians and bystanders became the victims of ignorant violence through this piece of pop-culture and it is something that its audience needs to evaluate. Hip hop music began in the 1970s with a popular sound called “beats” resonating at house parties and social gatherings in the young streets of New York. In 1979, a group called the sugar hill gang came out with a song called “Rappers Delight”. This song is considered to be the first popular Rap song in the United States and around the hip-hop world. In America, rap music became a way for urban Black and Hispanic youths to express themselves in a funky- rhythmic form along with breakdancing and graffiti. To the youth, this new found culture was pretty much live poetry of the streets. As rap music became more popular throughout the country, so did its
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