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Critical Argument Analysis Essay Eng/215 Kathryn Geranios Critical Argument Analysis Essay In our country Freedom of Speech is one of the most powerful things we have in our country. Eminem is a rapper here in the United States who is always talked about because of his vulgar language within his music, but we live in a country where it is okay to say what we want due to the first amendment. There are a lot of rappers out there who use vulgar language in their lyrics, so why is Eminem really any different, why is that they can get away with such expressions and Eminem is always questions for his music. Is Eminem really going too far with his lyrics or is he just expressing himself? Mary Eberstadt wrote Eminem is Right. She questions as to why the music today this is angry and violence filled so popular with our teens. Mary looks deeper into the music and farther into the meaning behind the lyrics and discusses them. His songs about women are directly “reserved for his mother and ex-wife Kim” (Eberstadt, 2004). Eminem blames the parents for not spending time with their children is turning them in to delinquents as to it being his music turning them into delinquents. He raps about his life and even his fame and in most recent years his recovery process. McCrillis states that “In all fairness to Eminem's critics, there is a meanness and, in some cases, viciousness to a great deal of contemporary music. The meanness is certainly not limited to rap, but rap tends to bear the brunt of this criticism because, as music goes, it appears to be the most imitative of political speech” (McCrillis, 2003). Which he does have a point because rap music does bear the brunt of most criticism in the music industry for all the vulgarity that it has in the lyrics and Eminem is no exception when it comes down to the vulgarity of his music. Although “more people are aware that
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