Psychoanalytic Theory Perspective

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Kanye West from Dr. Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory Perspective Kanye West is a world known rapper, singer, and a record producer. When put in a certain situation Mr. West acts in an outrageous and inappropriate manner. He tends to get into lots of situations due to the fact that he is celebrity living out his life in the media. Kanye West is known to put himself in situations because of his crazy antics that he exemplifies to others. He has a tendency of impacting others that he comes into contact with his words and actions because of the things he says to them in a way that could make them feel as if they don’t measure up to him. West doesn’t take full responsibility for his actions when it’s time to. West is a huge figure in today’s entertainment culture with his outrageous fashions. He accessories his fashion choices with his self-made attitude that he carries around with him everywhere he goes. In personal settings Kanye West is a heartfelt person who puts all of his emotions into his music so his fans can identify with him. West has offended people in saying rude remarks about him and others including saying that he is “the greatest rappers of all time” and that “if it weren’t for him changing the game some of these rappers wouldn’t be rapping”. West has insulted other entertainers including when he embarrassed country artist Taylor Swift during an awards ceremony where she was being presented an award. Kanye West literally jumped on stage to announce to everyone that she didn’t deserve the award but another artist did. This incident proved to others that he didn’t care what he did to others because it was something he wanted to do at the time. Due to some of things Kanye West had done and said, some still respect him and his opinions. While others seem to have lost all respect for him because of his actions and opinions. Although there is

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