Graffiti,Gangs Related To Peer Perssure

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Are Graffiti,Gangs related to peer perssure? The answer is YES . Graffiti can be seen in very different ways but, to most eyes is seen as a bad thing.Is moslty seen as a peer perssure because some kids that do it werent really like that , there had to be someone who made them start. Most graffiti has to do gang realated and kids peer others kids into doing other things. Peer perssure is a global manfaction and is a problem to anyone. The word gang means an informal body of friends where a group of people have eachothers back and always ten to do then bad things. Graffiti is a way of showing someones feeling graffiti is an art work but gangs mostly use it as away of showing who's land your on and to show who is in control around there. Now you saying what does all this have to do with peer perssure? Well it has alot to do, peer perssure is a big role in gangs and gangs go along with graffiti. In an article I found in the internet "Neighborhood da unit " It showen me some problems graffiti has done to some neighborhoods and how they are trying to slove it. A few problems that I have read about were that more and more juvenlies are getting peered into doin graffiti in there neighborhood and the government has to deal with it. How the kids are doin their graffiti at night time and they are making the people that live in the neighborhood un safe.How graffiti went from an artwork to a crime,the places the juvenlies are graffiting on is getting wroser and worser. The solution the goverment has thought about was putting a time limite so the kids wont go out and the the goverment is goin to waste $3000,00.00 is just cleaning up in all the mess and they are goin to built a place where they can graffiti away. There is not just only teens perssuring eachother, Big super stars are to blamed to about graffiti being all over the place. In an
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