Qualitative Methodology Appropriate

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In this part of this assignment I am going to critically analyse an article by evaluating the relevance of the findings from the research. The article is “A Qualitative study investigating patients’ beliefs about cardiac rehabilitation.” I am going to use the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) to aid my critique. The CASP tool systematically explores the research to judge its value, relevance and trustworthiness. My evaluation on this evidence is that it has many good points and many bad points. I am going to focus on some of the good and bad points by critically appraising this article. Firstly, the aims of this research are clearly stated in the title, abstract and main body. This piece of research had stated the goal and its relevance of this research to future rehabilitation. The authors stated why the need for this research was in the introduction and explained the aims were to attempt to evaluate patients’ perceptions on cardiac rehabilitation. This research is also relevant to the authors and the London Teaching Hospital so they can build opinions and improve their rehabilitation service. This piece of research is important to London Teaching Hospital because to address the benefits of cardiac rehab to participants and to find out patients perspective on cardiac rehab. Lavie & Milani (2007) state the benefits of cardiac rehab are improvement in exercise capacity, behavioural components such as depression, improved quality of life, peak oxygen consumption and reduces risk of obesity. Qualitative methodology appropriate…. Sarah c book!!!! Qualitative researchers are fre- quently interested not just in what people say but also in the way that they say it. Furthermore, the researchers described and explained why they chose to conduct their research by method of semi-structured interviews. This shows an in depth planning of the study prior as they
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