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In this assignment Aveyard (2010) defines critical appraisal as a structured process that scrutinises a piece of research, determining its strengths and weaknesses, thus enabling an unbiased literature review. Learning this skill is paramount to nurses, as Horsley et al (2011) suggests; that by having critical appraisal skills, it empowers nurses, by giving them a greater knowledge of research designs as well as assisting them to recognise the validity and relevance of the research and whether this should influence the care they give their patients. There are numerous appraisal tools available that have been developed to assist healthcare professionals to assess the applicability, validity and trustworthiness of a published research paper. In order to achieve an unbiased critical appraisal of the chosen article, two appraisal tools were compared, the Critical Appraisal Skill Programme (CASP) and Long et al (2002). The Long et al (2002) evaluation tool consists of six sections with 44 questions; it was found that this tool is extremely complex and very difficult to understand and therefore not suitable for critiquing the research paper. The CASP tool consists of 10 very simple straight forward checklists appropriate for the qualitative design of the research paper and therefore this is the tool that will be used; however the CASP tool does not replace an individual’s thoughts, but is designed to be used as an aide memoire. Burls (2009) 1. Was there a clear statement of the aims of the research? Holland & Rees (2010) suggest that the research aims are one of the most important aspects of the research process, they identify the variables, population and setting that will form the main topic of the study as well as what the researcher wants to find out about the variable/s. The aims of the research are clearly defined. The objective of the study was to

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