Post Trombotic Syndrome

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Introduction The purpose of research is to answer questions that exist around a subject or to develop a solution. It aims to add to the existing knowledge of a topic. The goal of nursing research is to contribute to the evidence to support best clinical practise and education in the nursing profession (REF). This assignment will focus on the subject of the effects of post thrombotic syndrome following lower extremity dvt. This subject was chosen as.............. This will give focus to the assignment. Within this assignment the purpose of a literature review will be described and the search strategy employed to conduct the literature search to source the information on the chosen topic. Knowledge of the main principles and concepts of research…show more content…
The methodology used will be described and the rationale for this choice. The recommended sampling, data collection and analysis will be discussed and an explanation of the approaches adopted. Trustworthiness and rigour of the study and ethical issues and considerations will be referred to within context of the proposal. Finally it will be concluded as to how the proposed piece of research would add to the knowledge of nurses and the benefit it would have on their practice as well as discussing the impact it could have on patient safety and the quality improvement of care. Literature review A literature review is undertaking to summarise all current literature on a selected topic. This provides a comprehensive understanding of current knowledge. It can highlight areas in the literature where there are inconsistencies and identify gaps in the knowledge of the topic (aveyard, 2010). Search strategy A search strategy........... (REF) To conduct this literature review information was sourced from books, journals, websites and electronic databases. The electronic databases used included cinahl, medline and pubmed. For articles unavailable in full text, sfx availability was sought and access obtained. The number of available articles was dependent on the keywords used and the Boolean terms of and, or,…show more content…
This approach was developed by philosopher Martin Heidegger who proposed that knowledge is gain through social interaction and interpretations (REF). Mapp (2008) suggests this will allow the researcher to bring their own experiences to the study. This approach is contrary to Husserl’s approach of bracketing whereby the researcher puts aside their views and knowledge of the phenomenon so as not to affect their findings (petty, 2012). This approach was omitted from use as the concept of bracketing can be hard to achieve rigorously as the researcher would have to be fully aware of all judgements and pre conception they have prior to the study in order to apply bracketing successfully (REF). Polit and beck (2009) state that phenomenological studies explores individuals lived experiences of a particular subject and seeks to gain better understanding of this phenomenon from the perception of those who have experienced it. As the aim of this research is to gain insight into the participants experience of ................ this would be the most appropriate methodological approach to use.

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