Nursing Informatics Essay

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Nursing informatics I think that informatics in nursing is focused on both information management and communication. The use of health IT is already essential to delivering care, recording data, and measuring care. The American Nurses Association defines nursing informatics as “a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge in nursing practice. Nursing informatics facilitates the integration of data, information, and knowledge to support patients, nurses and other providers in their decision-making in all roles and settings. This support is accomplished through the use of information structures, information processes, and information technology.” ANA. (2001). Scope and Standards of Nursing informatics Practice, pg. vii. Retrieved from Documentation is a primary emphasis in nursing informatics, because quality care depends on effective communication. Since healthcare providers communicate primarily through the notes they write in a patients chart, nurse informatics improve the speed, timeliness and accuracy of patient charting, giving health workers more up-to-date, complete information leading them to make better decisions about patients care. Nursing Informatics (2008, December 31). Retrieved from I believe that informatics in nursing improves communication among the care-givers involved with the patient care in a timely manner, decreases medication errors with the scan the patient-scan the medication system and it decreases waste with-in the hospital due to been able to link supplies used to patient data and increases patient satisfaction and improves care because the nurse can spend more time doing patient care instead of patient hand written

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