Nursing Theory And Application To Case Study

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Nursing from Nightingale era to the present world has merged as one of the noblest profession, with distinct advancement in nursing research, practices and education. These added enhancements are incorporated by nursing philosophies and theorys that contribute to nursing. Nursing theory is a foundation to any nursing program. It assists as a framework for the practising nurse to learn and apply into the nursing profession, to achieve positive outcomes in practice and client response. Definations and correlation between asumptions and relationships are evolved from the nursing models to provide a systematic approach in the delivery of patient care via describing, explaning, predicting and prescribing (Mckeena, 1997).

The primary role of nurses when they are committed to a patient is accountability, integrity; colloboration and advancement in the profession (Daniels, 2004).Hence nursing theories are important basis especially for the novice nurse who has little or no clinical engagement. These nurses may attribute harm or risk to patients who are dependant on them for care. These theories act as guideliness for nurses from blunders when an organisation engages a formal model to practice. Thereby patients’ lives are guarded from stake of harm. Advantages of nursing theories are, they provide standardization of nursing whilst the nursing processeses are recognised as a problem solving approach. These theories also signify the individual as a whole hence personalised care is rendered. Other advantages would include expansion and development of nursing, positive effect on nursing students, professional and increased quality of care which is contributed by systematic approach. Rationale of work and having analytical knowledge on patients’ care are undeniable strenghths of nursing theories. Limitations of nursing theories are conflicting views of the

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