Effective Communication in Nursing

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A holistic analysis of the effectiveness of communication in Nursing Practice


This essay is designed to analyse the effectiveness of communication in the nurse-to- patient relationships; drawing particular attention to the strengths and weaknesses of verbal communication among practitioners, nurses, clients and their significant others. Communication is one of the commonly stated competencies required to work effectively within any multi-professional environment (Suiter et al.2009) as cited in Thomas, Pollard & Sellman (2014). Arnold and Boggs (2011, pp163) defines communication as a two way process that uses a combination of verbal and non-verbal behaviours integrated for the purpose of sharing information. However, Goodman & Clemow (2010, pp55) argues that communication has gone beyond the mere exchange of information; nonetheless, other attributes of clients are being shared, like meanings, views or feelings. Based on these two premise, communication in nursing focuses on attending, listening, intervening and exploring the contents of information while observing the feelings of the patient (Arnold and Boggs, 2009, pp37-38).

This piece of work will evaluate different aspects of my own learning; focusing on the importance of good communication and its influence in clinical practice. Throughout the essay, the significance of different communication skills will be explored. The essay will also evaluate different aspects of personal and professional values and their relevance in clinical practice. References will be made to some health related legislations such as; The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of conduct, Care Quality Commission (CQC), Francis Report, Department of Health (DoH), The National Health Service (NHS) constitution and the fundamental values of care (Six C’s). The latter section will then critique on the key

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