Vision for the Future of Nursing

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Vision for the future of nursing NUR 391 September 3, 2012 Vision for the future of nursing Today’s nurses focus on care for patients based on evidence based practice, which requires nurses to base their care on research based knowledge. It involves using the most credible and up to date research to guide the nurse through patient care. Evidence based practice (EBP) also stresses the use of known policies and protocols that are based on research rather than based on ‘that is how it has always been done attitudes.’ Evidence based practice also has many potential advantages including greater confidence in decision making and better patient outcomes. EBP has also helped with the nursing process which gears specific patient care to the individual based on that specific patients individual needs (Black, 2011). According to Black (2011), “nursing research enhances the status of nursing as a profession by expanding nursing’s scientific knowledge base.” (pg. 268). "The information revolution that is transforming the present and shaping the future has made reading, understanding, and using nursing research as fundamental to professional practice as are knowledge of asepsis, application of the nursing process, and communication skills"(Blais, 2011). EBP is one of the many reasons that magnet hospitals are so successful. Magnet hospitals have brought improved patient care, patient satisfaction along with nursing satisfaction to the forefront by using systems that foster evidence based practice (Saver, 2006). The use of evidence practice will only help further along the profession of nursing. Using EVP will help nurses provide improved patient care, better patient outcomes, improved nurse satisfaction and maintain credibility as a profession. Nursing has made great achievements in the last century that has lead to the recognition of nursing as an

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