Analysis Of The Nursing Shortage

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MHA 624 Week 6 Final Paper Click Link Below To Buy: Executive Summary Ashford General Hospital has been face with a nursing shortage due to retirement, low retention rates, nurses feeling exhausted and overworked. This nursing shortage is not only affecting Ashford General Hospital, it is also affecting many hospitals within the United States. Nursing shortages has not only affected the safety of the nurses that are being overworked, the shortage has also affected patient satisfaction which could potentially cause a financial burden for the organization as well as human resource issues. In order to doctor this nursing shortage and possible future crisis, a proposal for change has…show more content…
Therefore Ashford General Hospital will began to close the huge gap of the nursing shortage by implementing a education assistance program that would allow nursing students and graduates an opportunity to receive education funding and clinical training in return for a commit to work for the organization. Ashford General Hospital will began to close the gap of the nursing shortage by joining forces with nursing schools and universities as an incentive to offer top notch clinical training from experienced nurses in return for the new nursing graduates to commit to working for the organization. This will provide top quality hands on training, education, and help boost the confidence of new nurses in training by combining clinical experience with classroom experience which will aid in decreasing the nurse burn-out rates. Ashford General Hospital will also implement quality improvement to ensure that the new strategizing to fill the nursing shortage is providing the organization with the support needed to address patient satisfaction, patient safety and the organizations finances. The quality improvement will support the administrators and leaders to ensure that Ashford General Hospital is financially able to continue to expand on their collaboration efforts with nursing schools and universities as well as offer tuition assistance to nurses that commitment to working for the organization. Quality improvement is will address patient care and safety prior to problems occurring as well as providing a guide that would essentially assist the top leaders of the organization from a business and financial stand point. Quality improvement will provide an opportunity for Ashford’s administrators and leaders to expand services where it may be needed and remove services that are not needed in order to

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