Clinical Audit Essay

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Clinical Audit Report Assignment 1 Introduction Since the 1970s, the term evidence based practice has become increasingly used. Healthcare workers seek for solutions, choices and outcomes for patients and represent the best available knowledge internationally by using evidence based practice (Hamer & Collinson, 2005). The most widely quote definition for evidence based practice comes from Sackett et al (1997): “Evidence bases practice is the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the healthcare of patients.” It enables us to deliver the best possible patient care rather than out of date practice (Aveyard & Sharp, 2009). In 2000, patient values and clinical expertise components were added on to the definition: “…… integrates clinical expertise and patient values with the best available research evidence” (Sackett et al, 2000). The add on definition emphasizes the decision making with the patient rather than purely with the health care professional and it also recongnises the explicit knowledge that developed by clinical expertise with available resources. The three elements of evidence-based practice Source: Sackett et al, 2000 The rising popularity of the evidence base practice is due to its large scale benefit coverage for different types of stakeholders. It promotes confidence and trust in patient with healthcare service; allow nurses to communicate effectively with patients and healthcare team about the rationales for the decision making and care plans therefore boost confidence in their practice; provide positive image of the healthcare 2 organizations and allow significant cost saving; prevent resources wastage on delivery of ineffective intervention for the community. The development of evidence based practice has paralleled the availability of information with advancing in technology
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