Vision For The Future In Nursing

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Vision for the future of nursing NUR 391
August1st, 2011
Dr. Wanda Dooley

Vision for the future of nursing

This Power Point Presentation will show how evidence-based practice will influence trends in healthcare and the future of nursing. There will also be information describing how the application of nursing theory will continue to influence professional nursing practice, as well as the nurse’s current role is in research, and how new roles and opportunities will benefit nursing and healthcare in general.
Trends: How evidence-based practice will influence trends in healthcare and the future of nursing.

According to Fawcett and Garity (2009) “Evidence for nursing practice comes from research and other sources. Evidence-based practice requires an understanding of how research findings and other evidence inform and guide practice,” (p. 3) that is seen in professional nursing and patient care. Years ago nurses have based the practice of nursing on traditions and experiences. Nurses draw from their experience by selecting specific nursing interventions that influence client outcomes. There's little scientific evidence to support nurses’ clinical decision- making and expected outcomes. Early efforts to study client outcomes began from quality improvement studies with nurses’ participation in the development of interdisciplinary care plans such as critical pathways and care maps that are still in use. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is using the best available evidence on hand to guide clinical decision making in order for nurses to provide the most current and best available care for their patients (Chitty & Black, 2010). EBP is a combination of knowledge to the research process, theory, clinical decision making and findings. The use of EBP requires that one must be aware of research that supports detailed and specific
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