Role of the Nurse in Managing the Safe Withdrawal of Clients Detoxifying from Alcohol

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Examine the research base for one aspect of nursing care and compare and contrast the recommendations found with the practice observed during your clinical placement.

The overall aim of this essay is to explore an aspect of evidence based or best practice and compare the findings witnessed in a nursing environment. Conclusions will then be drawn from this process and recommendations made for proposed changes to practice where necessary. The Nursing and Midwifery Council state in The Code (NMC 2008a) that care must be delivered on the best available evidence or best practice.

Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions (Oxford Dictionary 2011). The ultimate goal of research is to develop, refine and expand upon a body of knowledge providing evidence to either support or reject clinical practice (Polit and Beck 2004). Evidence based practice is broadly defined as the use of the best clinical evidence in making client care decisions (Polit and Beck 2004), and is agreed to ensure safe practice (Sackett 1996). By giving care based on evidence, a nurse acts as an advocate, working to their Code (NMC 2008a), helping clients to access relevant health and social care.

In this essay the author looks at the role of the nurse in managing the safe withdrawal of clients detoxifying from alcohol on an inpatient unit. The clinical placement was on a drug and alcohol unit in the South of England. It is a 10 bedded unit that provides beds and a safe environment for clients to be admitted for drug and alcohol detoxification. It is a Nurse Led Unit with nurses having autonomy to plan a client’s care. The aim of the unit is to assist clients safely through the detoxification process and to prepare them for leaving drug or alcohol free. The author will be focusing on alcohol withdrawal

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