Nursing Theory Essay

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Question: Discuss what is involved in systematic development when developing a theory. Also, how is nursing theory different from the theory of other disciplines?

The evolution of a nursing theory can be very arduous; yet rewarding, if proven successful and conclusive through research. Ultimately, a theory helps to guide research and validate practice. They can range from being very basic in nature to the most complex of emphases. Most generally, a theory is centered on a theorist's viewpoints, indirect or categorical assumptions, and more than likely the theorist’s own experiences with the topic at hand. Concepts are developed and their structure and relationships are described in great detail. This then leads to the strategies being developed and the theories being tested through research. If a theory is proven, it can help to develop nursing science and be used in nursing practice to accomplish numerous results such as identifying standards of care to direct, evaluate, and predict patient care/outcomes, for example (Cherry & Jacob, 2011). Development of a sound theory commands the presence of not only key concepts, but also great insight toward the particular subject matter; it’s definitions, and the assumptions surrounding it. This is critical to ensure a well-educated appraisal and study follows. (Alligood & Tomey, 2010). Relatively speaking, applying the concepts of stress in relation to adaptation of a particular health circumstance, for instance, may provide a speculative overview that will yield a methodical interpretation of how these two incidents are entwined with one another (Cherry & Jacob, 2011).
Unlike other theorized disciplines, nursing theory and practice is unparalleled with its rare and unique powers that links not only theory itself, but encompasses a scientific knowledge from the foundation of that theory with many
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