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Running Head: FRAMEWORK FOR Framework for Praxis Malinda D. Whitney University of South Alabama Framework for Praxis Healthcare is field that is ever changing and today’s healthcare reform is a testament to that. This challenge will become a major factor for future advance practice nurses (APN) when clinical practice begins. Further, it will be important for the APN to build a solid personal nursing framework to guide practice. This framework should include the APN having a knowledge base of ideological, philosophical and theoretical influences. In this paper I will discuss the importance of a framework of praxis, it’s application to the APN, what influences the framework and employing the framework into context. Praxis Overview Praxis has been defined in a number of ways for different disciplines. For the discipline of nursing it has been described as the art of the coming together of science and practice and linking practice and theory (Kilpatrick, 2008). Praxis can arise at an individual or a group level. At the individual level it is recognizing and reflecting on an issue that restricts one’s abilities and experiences, then taking action to change the issue for themselves and others affected (Chinn & Kramer, 2011). The key objective of praxis is through reflection to incorporate theory, practice and art to aid in the recognition and valuing of diverse types of knowledge (Kilpatrick, 2008). Praxis plays an integral role for the APN and there should be a solid foundation of understanding. There are several benefits for APN’s use of nursing praxis; it influences the relationship the practitioner develops with patients, their families and colleagues. Moreover, it provides the opportunity for change, personal nursing theory and knowledge development through self-reflection. Self-reflection challenges the APN’s personal and professional values.

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