Nursing Process Essay

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This assignment is going to discuss the importance of needs assessment in nursing practice. Firstly it is will define the nursing process, its phases and how it can be applied when delivering patient centred care. It will then give a brief synopsis of the case scenario, identifying the patients’ needs that require assessment using the Roper Logan-Tierney model. Tools used for assessment will be given and a rational for the required assessment using relevant literature. Furthermore, one priority tool will be selected and then applied to the case scenario outlining the nursing interventions required. Positive and negatives aspects of the selected priority tool will be discussed followed by a conclusion summarising the key points of the assignments.
Nursing process is an organised problem-solving framework for nursing practice that promotes clinical thinking process enabling nurses to provide individualised care to patients (Hogston, 2011 p3). The NMC (2010) states that nurses should possess the skills to deliver holistic person centred and systematic assessment of physical, emotional, psychological, cultural and spiritual needs, including risk and develops a comprehensive individualised plan of nursing care. The five phase nursing process is a cyclical process which allows nurses to recognise the patient’s nursing diagnosis in order to plot appropriate care. These phases involve assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation (ADPIE). The assessment phase forms the foundation for appropriate diagnosis, planning and intervention (Ackley & Ladwig, 2014 p. 3). Evaluation of nursing care allows for reassessments, restructuring of priorities and continuing review of care plan if the needs of the patient are not met (Davies and Janosik, 1991 p99; Brooker and Waugh, 2013 p304). Nurses need to be able to document a complete, systematic, and precise
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