Nursing Diagnosis Essay

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Nursing diagnosis is a way to express care needs that identify those who receive care, enabling application of possible nursing interventions. Such diagnoses also lead to possible standardized language among nurses and contribute to the development of nursing knowledge.
The NANDA International classification(20) brings together a set of nursing diagnoses. Therefore, the language used in NANDA-I helps professionals to communicate their experiences with patients. It also contributes to patient care by classifying nursing phenomena and standardizing language among nurses.
Nursing diagnoses are scientific interpretations of data that appeared and that are used to guide planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing practice. The use of nursing diagnoses gives more visibility to nurses, whose caregiving has previously been invisible or unrecognized(20).
Defining characteristics and factors are related to nursing diagnoses. Those characteristics are passible clues of observations and checks. In this sense, defining characteristics could be understood as attributes of diagnosis or as concepts. Related factors concern the cause of a condition that prompted the diagnosis(20). Therefore, related factors are understood as antecedents of nursing diagnosis.
Nursing diagnoses aim to guide nursing interventions and to achieve better results(20). When each nursing diagnosis is considered as a concept, the effective results of nursing care would be the consequence of the concept.
An adequate nursing diagnosis enables nurses to articulate several manifestations of patients to a concept, and this concept can lead to a course of nursing action. In this way, diagnosis is a useful structure to guide nursing practice and to organize knowledge that serves as the basis for this practice(21).
Although the potential for standardizing the language system is evident, the work on

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