Nurse Theory Essay

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Introduction Nursing concept is a board spectrum in nursing. As we explore the use core concept of theories we found it provides a perspective from which to define nursing. Nursing theory provides the direction and knowledge for nurse to use in their daily practice. If it wasn’t for theory we would not be able to provide the quality of care and safety factors associated with care for our patients. The safety of our patients is our number one priority when giving medical care. However, the core concept of theory help us guide our knowledge which adapt and applied to clinical setting. Theory is a fundamental factor of nursing practice, education, research and outcomes. Core concept that Is Common These theories develop by many theorist that serve as guide in nursing. The core concept of nursing is the diversity in healthcare settings dealt with the disparity between theorist of Florence Nothingale and Jean Watson. Florence Nothingale environment theory and metaparadigms will help establish the criteria which identify where and when nurse apply the core concept of nursing practice on a daily basis. Jean Watson theory is the philosophy and science of caring which is interrelated theories of Florence nightingale concepts. To understand these theory we have to understand the core concept of knowledge that will establish the path of explanations and give the meaning of a phenomena of nursing practice. These nursing practices must base on nursing theories we are using in the clinical setting of practice. The core concept of theories help us to understand the things surround us and provide a guide in nursing practice. According to George, “Concepts are the elements used to generate theories” ((2011). Additional, theories are composed of concepts and provides the foundation, knowledge and guide us in our nursing

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