Application of Nursing Theory

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Application of Theory Paper Nursing theory is the framework that defines nursing practice, establishes standards of care and provides the information essential for functioning patient care. Theory presents logical and educated reasons for nursing actions, based on structured, written depictions of what nursing is and what nurses do (Rousell, 2010). When problems arise within the educational, research, administration and direct patient care settings; theory supplies a foundation for dialog. When using theory to facilitate resolution of a nursing issue it guides leaders in the direction of the common goal of affording superior patient care (Rousell, 2010). In this paper I will apply the Ida Jean Orlando’s Nursing Deliberate Nursing Process Theory to patient boarding in the Emergency Department (ED), a current issue at the facility I am employed. Orlando's Deliberate Nursing Process Theory emphasizes the shared relationship between patient and nurse. It describes the responsibility of the nurse is to find out and meet the patient's immediate needs for assistance. Nurses have to use their discernment, thoughts about perception, and the feelings produced from their ideas to explore the meaning of the patient's behavior. This method assist the nurse in discovery out the root of the patient's suffering and offer the aid they require. Evidence of relieving the patient’s distress is seen as positive changes in the patient’s observable behavior. The concepts of the theory are: purpose of professional nursing, presenting behavior, instant response, nursing process discipline, and improvement ("Nursing Process Theory," 2015). The demand for ED care continues to grow, however the number of inpatient beds is decreasing, leading to patient boarding (American Association of Emergency Physicians, 2011). Patient boarding is defined as a patient who remains in the emergency
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