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Discuss the importance of nursing assessment in relation to the delivery of holistic care for a patient/client from your current practice experience For this assignment I will discuss the importance of an assessment tool in relation to a chosen patients holistic care needs. This will be done by exploring the significance of the tool and the strengths and weaknesses it imposes in terms of providing good care. Based on what the tool has informed the health profession I can then refer to what provisions would be put into place and how the care of the patient would be managed. To be able to fully understand what the assessment has provided for the patient, the effectiveness of it in meeting the care needs of the patient will be explored. I will focus upon the Braden Scale assessment tool throughout the essay with relevant literature included to support the meaning of the assessment and my understanding around it. The Braden Scale is a risk assessment tool developed to determine who is at risk of pressure sores with the function of preventive measures then being applied. Pancorbo-Hidalgo et al (2006) has alleged it was primarily developed for nurses to be able to assess the risk of pressure ulcers without entirely relying upon clinical judgment. They suggest it is more accurate than other scales, including the Norton and Waterlow, which contributed to my interest in applying the tool to a patient and scrutinizing what results would be shown. The patient I will focus the assessment tool upon was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease and who the district nurses visited on a regular basis due to reoccurring leg ulcers. She will be named Nellie for confidentiality reasons. Nellie is an elderly lady of 72 who’s Parkinson’s disease had only recently been diagnosed. The loss of nerve cells within the brain causes the symptoms to appear in individuals, it is a

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