Nursing Professionalism Essay

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Nursing Presence: The Healing Power of Personality, Positivity, and Prayer Nancy Delmont, RN, BSN Western Governors University Nursing Presence: The Healing Power of Personality, Positivity, and Prayer Healthcare has evolved over the years from a focus on care of the physical body to a more holistic perspective of caring for the human experience. As the paradigms of healthcare change, so too must nursing practice. The nursing professional must be able to understand the guiding principles that have facilitated these changes and utilize theory and skills to personalize the care experience. The practice of nursing can promote an overall sense of well-being for the patient that no other profession can duplicate. Nurses are obligated to practice with integrity, safety and form therapeutic relationships with patients and families. Nurses each bring distinct personality traits into the care environment that affect patients and the healthcare team members. For a nursing professional to provide safe and therapeutic care to a patient, it is essential to be focused on the needs of the patient at the time of care. In order to minimize external distractions and facilitate an inner calm, nurses can create and implement a mindfulness practice plan. Not only do patients deserve holistic care from a mindful nurse, patients need an environment that optimizes the potential for well-being. As a nursing leader, the knowledge of what this environment entails and facilitating change in an organization will benefit the patient and the healthcare team. This paper will discuss the professional presence of nursing and the evolution of healthcare models over the years. I will present and discuss how my personality has shaped my nursing practice and patient care over the years. I will review my personal mindfulness practice plan and discuss the implications for my life and

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