Personal Nursing Philosphy Paper

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing philosophy is one of the core aspects in the provision of healthcare services. My personal nursing philosophy seeks to enhance the provision of efficient care to all patients. I believe human nature is the fundamental aspect that governs the type of care a nurse provides to a patient. Additionally, I believe that it is my responsibility as a nurse to uphold human dignity in my interaction with patients. I should learn to perceive the world from a client’s perspective to ensure that I gain the trust of the patient an aspect that places me in a better position to educate the patient. I believe individualized nursing is the best and I should be guided by certain core values. A comparison of my personal philosophy and that of my employing institution and the Aurora School of Nursing’ mission and themes provides evidence that philosophy permeates faculty thinking.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing

The act of caring in the nursing field is based on the human nature. Human beings have feelings and are vulnerable beings, thus require the best of care especially when they are in need of healthcare services. When caring for someone or rather a patient, I am giving reassurance to the patient about his or her health. Human beings have the capacity to suffer and feel pain or pleasure. Patients not only entrust their health but also their lives to nurses. This requires in the the caregiver, appreciation of the facts of human vulnerability, their capacity to suffer and to experience the world. It follows from this aspect that the types and/or kinds of caring acts, which are necessary to nursing, are those that derive from recognition that patients have the capacity to feel pain and to experience suffering both physically and psychologically. Besides the appreciation of the fact that human beings are vulnerable, I believe

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