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Discuss your personal philosophy as a practicing nurse? Provide examples(s) from your experience that demonstrates your use of your philosophy as you care for patients.

I will be discussing my own personal nursing philosophy, which is what I believe to be the core characteristics of nursing. My philosophy of nursing focuses on holistic, patient-centered care, compassionate patient relationship, the use of evidence based practice, and community/environment.

First, according to McEwen and Willis, holistic nursing is not only concerned with a patient’s physical well being, it is also concerned with a patient’s emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. A holistic view of my patient allows me to better connect with them. For example, I work on a step down unit where I sometimes take care of chronically ill patients with complicated emotional issues that need to be recognized and addressed. Once trust is built with these patients, they are the most humble people to work with. I spend plenty of time talking to them about personal life. Although; I am still taking care of their medical needs; I am also supporting them emotionally.

Second, compassion is essential in the field of nursing. I am not only caring for my patient’s physical health, but also their emotional need. For example, I display compassion daily just by holding the hand of a patient who is dying or who is displaying anxiety towards a procedure. When working with patients of all types, I show compassion. This helps facilitate the nurse-patient relationship and builds trust.

Third, nurses have a commitment to keep current in knowledge. According to McEwen and Willis, “implementation of evidence based practice in nursing is still evolving, as often, nursing interventions are based on experience, tradition, intuition, common sense, and untested theories (2014, p. 263). EBP enable nurses to not

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