Research Critique

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Research Critique, Part 1 Many research studies are conducted every day and not all are credible. It is important to critique research studies before implementing them into practice. A good research critique “involves a careful, complete examination of that study to judge its strengths, weaknesses, meaning, credibility, and significance for practice”(Burns & Grove, 2010, p. 419). This paper will critique a qualitative study on pressure ulcers. Problem Statement Nurses play an important role in preventing pressure ulcers. The development, progression, and regression of pressure ulcers are linked to early prevention and awareness of the nurses caring for the patient. Previously conducted studies have identified a break in the care trajectory of the patient. The article, “Factors of Importance to the Development of Pressure Ulcers in the care Trajectory: Perceptions of Hospital and Community Care Nurses” discusses the weak point in the care trajectory using a qualitative design study. Understanding this weakness through the perception of the nurses can improve patient outcomes; this is the research problem in the study. The study highlights the attitudes and values of the selected nurses and also ways to increase knowledge and preserve their dedication to pressure ulcer prevention. The authors established the significance of the study by highlighting the role of the nurse in the prevention of the pressure ulcers and how the break in care contributes to the development and progression of pressure ulcers. Purpose and Research Questions “The study aimed at describing contributing factors for the progression or regression of pressure ulcers in the care trajectory as they were understood by nurses working in hospitals or community care” (Athlin et al., 2010, p. 2252). The authors did not specifically develop research questions, however some appropriate
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