Knowledge Development in Nursing

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Nursing as a profession has a social mandate to contribute to the good of society through knowledge based practice (McCurry, Revell & Roy 2009). Also nursing has a disciplinary goal to contribute to the health of individuals and the overall health of society. My definition of nursing is the process of protection, improving and enhancing one's health in the state of illness or wellness. Nurses must have the ability to prevent illness by health promotion, be able to ease pain through the treatment of human response to their environment and care for individuals, families and or communities. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines philosophy as “a set of basic principles or concepts underlying a particular sphere of knowledge” (2015). According to Edwards (1997), philosophy is defined in terms of the methods it uses and the purpose for which its methods are used. According to McCurry, Revell & Roy (2009), nursing philosophies, models and theories must be used as guides to nursing practice. McCurry et al. (2009) also highlights the importance of linking the philosophical perspective of nursing, the disciplinary goals, theory and practice when expanding knowledge for the discipline. Nursing's philosophical basis for disciplinary knowledge is a synthesis of the individual and the common good (McCurry et al., 2009). Knowledge for the discipline expands when philosophy, disciplinary goals, theory and practice are linked together. Further directions of the discipline are revealed when linkages between philosophy, disciplinary goals, theory and practice are strengthen (McCurry et al., 2009). My philosophy of nursing includes three important factors (1) the patient, which may include a family, a community or individuals. Or it may include any combination of the three. (2)The environment in which nursing care is provided. (3) The interaction between

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