Integration of Nursing Theory Into Practice

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Integration of Nursing Theory Into Practice Denyse Collins University of South Alabama

Running head: CROSS POST: THEORY BASED PRACTICE DISCUSSION Integration of Nursing Theory Into Practice


Nursing is a profession that constitutes both art and science. Carper described empirical, ethical, personal, and esthetic designs of nursing knowing to complete the framework of nursing knowledge (Chinn & Kramer, 2011). The advance practice nurse (APN) aspires to provide optimal care to patients by utilizing evidenced-based practice and a creative means of putting evidence-based practice into action. This essay will explore the pertinence of nursing theory to nursing practice, the role of the APN in decreasing the separation between theory and practice, and apply Jean Watson’s Caring Theory to the phenomenon of concern, patient care. APNs can facilitate the ability to practice both the art and science of nursing and reduce the chasm between theory and practice by using nursing theory as a foundation. According to Chism, nursing theory is made up of ideas brought together by associated expressions that characterize, clarify, and foretell phenomenon that are in accordance with nursing viewpoints (Chism, 2013). Nursing theory helps to identify what should shape the foundation of practice by clearly describing nursing. It is essential the APN use nursing theory in evidence-based practice, to provide better patient care, improve communication between nurses, and as a guide for nursing research and education. In addition, because the main champion of nursing, caring, cannot be quantified, it is crucial to have a theory to examine and spell out what the APN does. Nursing theories that concentrate on wide and transcendent concepts can apply to a large breadth of conditions and circumstances in which the theory

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