Function Of Research In Health And Social Care Essay

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Research in a Health and Social care setting In this essay, you will find out why research is useful in a Health and Social Care setting. Functions of research: One function of research is identifying needs. Health and Social care workers use research to identify the needs of an individual. The information from the research allows the professional to make decisions about suitable treatments and care plans suited to the individual. For example a doctor may take blood pressure and the heart rate of a patient and use it to find a treatment. Another reason why research is useful to Health and Social Care is highlighting gaps in provision. The Health and Social care needs of the community can rise and fall. Government and local authorities then use research to gather data on a local and national scale. They use this research to monitor that the services provided are acceptable. For example a small town could have a rise in population, so more services would be needed like schools, houses and hospitals.…show more content…
Research to help improve the quality of care can be used to ensure the resources are being used effectively. The relationship between nurse and patients will improve. This will then improve the quality of care. For example the government could use research into elderly people to put plans and laws in place to improve the quality of life by delivering more home-based care. Research into planning provision of services is a function of research. The research can be used to justify the money spent on public health services. It could be medicine based to do with the NHS and your local GP. Such things like diseases and pregnancies could cost a lot but in the long run it could be worth
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