A Reflective Account Relating to the Assessment and Care Delivery to a Client

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In this account I will concentrate on an established clinical skill that I have been practicing for many years. Presenting this assignment reflects the assessment and care delivered to a patient within my working practice. Using Gibbs model (Gibbs, 1988) as a working model will allow my thoughts / feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan to be deduced. I will apply critical thinking and underpinning knowledge to evidence based practice and thus concludes with an evaluation of increased clinical competency and personal development. Reflection as a learning tool allows me to identify the positive and negative aspects of my practice and to draw upon previous experiences and apply them to new situations “Reflective practice has, however, the potential to help practitioners in all fields unlock the tacit knowledge and understanding that they have of their practice and use this to generate knowledge for future practice”. (Schutz, 2007 pg.26)

The clinical competency I have chosen in this report is Phlebotomy. As part of my role as a health care support worker within a District Nursing team Phlebotomy is one of my primary duties. The clinical skill I have chosen to reflect upon within this account is venepuncture.
Confidentiality has been maintained throughout within this assignment and all names and locations are changed in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council code of conduct (2008, Section: Confidentiality) and for this purpose I have chosen to name the patient as Mrs Jones.
Utilizing Gibbs model (1988) allows me firstly to describe an event.

Stage 1: Description of the event
I was visiting Mrs Jones at home to take blood samples prior to administration of her chemotherapy drugs two days later. This was to be her first course of chemotherapy therefor it was important the samples were correctly taken and recorded

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