Public-Schooling vs. Home-Schooling

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Public Schooling vs. Home Schooling Many parents desire for their children to gain the best education they can to become successful in life. Home schooling becomes an option to parents who feel that a public school education can hinder their children to becoming well established in the world. Parents often make these decisions based on opinions from the media, newspapers, and gossip where they can often hear the "wonderful" things about home schooling like providing the student with more hands-on opportunities and the ability to move at a comfortable pace for the student. In home schooling there is no comprehension of being bounded to public school calendars and how school can take place anywhere and anytime. Public school is better than home schooling because public school mentally prepares students for the real world; giving students knowledge on how to deal with bullying and peer pressure, and also allowing them to interact with different students and teachers. "Yes, read that part again-- government schools were never about truly educating your child; they were and are about creating happy workers and taxpayers, people afraid to challenge the status quo and unable to read and think for themselves. " (Vaughan 647). Although some parents have jobs and are not able to home school their children, public school could be their option. Public school education prepares students for the real world by displaying to them how school is a job by giving them the imagery of having an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job that comes with hard work and dedication. Being in a different environment brings about great character for children brought up in a public school educational setting. Public school makes children stronger, smarter, more aware, and helps them to become critical thinkers. Stronger, by displaying the ethical thoughts of past racial aspects and physical matters. Students

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