Benefits Of Charter Schools: Better Than Public Schools

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Kristi Polk Phi-105 April 12, 2015 Val Ierley Charter Schools Better then Public Schools When parents do not like the public school that their child goes to and they do not know what to do, but know they want the best for them, what do they do? As a parent, trying to find the best for them is right here. “Educators predict that the growth of charter schools will infuse completion into the public school, forcing traditional public schools to improve the practices they engage in to educate student,” (Davis, Dec 2013, p. 33). “Charter schools have existed for about 2 decades. The first charter school legislation was passed in Minnesota in 1991.” (Kelly, Andree, Aug 2012). Charter schools are created and operated by parents, organizations,…show more content…
One way the charter school does this, is by having lower classroom sizes. In public schools the “average class size, number of students, is 26.1” (Socias, 2007, p.42) while most charter school stay around “19.8 students” (Beek, 2012) and have aids to come in and help when their class goes over their number that the school has choose. Another option that charter schools offer families is 2-5 homeschool days, mixed days with homeschool and classrooms or just 5 full days in a classroom with a teacher. Charter schools have more flexibility than conventional public schools in exchange for being held to additional standards to make sure they are meeting their student goals. Studies show that charter school students make greater academic progress than students in traditional public schools. Sixty-four (64) percent of California's charter schools met student achievement targets on state tests in the 2008-09 school year compared to just 58% of non-charter schools. (CCSA site). Another idea that charter school offer is they have learning centers that provide additional resources for children that might be behind in a subject by having before and after school tutoring with the teacher or and aid that specializes in that subject, teachers are able to give test in small groups with children that are at the same level and work with them to help them…show more content…
The teachers are able to take teaching to new levels by innovative curricula, which mean a new way style of teaching by thinking outside of the box by more hands on and skipping around and make it work for the teachers’ class. The teachers and students create personal learning goals together too (Julian Charter School, 2014). Another great teaching style that the teacher use is by teaching with life skills and base the lessons around what the children are into or what their interests are

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