Public Schools Vs Charter Schools Essay

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The United States is a core region that has a global status of dominant trade, controlling investment, controlling most advanced technologies, and exhibiting high levels of productivity, which shows our country’s immense aspects towards our goal of a greater economy due to our positive education system for the people. Today, people are looking for the best education for their children, even if that means transferring schools. A good example of this would be the rise of charter schools across the country, particularly in Georgia, for the purpose of increasing our percentage rate in relation to grades and graduating students. An article by Maureen Downey discusses how existing public schools and developing charter schools provide no positive effect for our state due to constriction of money and little initiative toward improving our educational status. After evaluating Downey’s article to sources relating to Georgia’s education system, I would have to disagree with Downey because there is important statistical information, as well as other various topics that depict charter schools as better and more improved than…show more content…
Unlike public schools, charter schools allow parents to become more involved with their children’s school environment, teachings, and progress. One of their main goals is to improve the education system. But, a negative aspect of being a charter school is that the schools must meet their required goals, and have the possibility of closing if unattained. This is why some parents have a tough time deciding whether or not their children should attend charter schools because they have the potential to close if goals aren’t met. In relation to expenditures, charter schools are funded through sponsors and grants (Vann 1). They receive grants three times a year that are primarily used for scholastic materials, compared to public schools who get government funding once a

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