Home School Vs Public School

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When it comes time for kids to go to school, parents might always have that thought of what type of educational environment would be better for their kid. Whether they should let their child attend a public school, or would rather them be home schooled. This can always be a tough decision because there can be so many thoughts running through the adults minds. There are plenty of good situations but yet, some bad situations that cross the mind to think about for both options. Although parents would like to keep their kids close to them as much as they could, the best option however, is to always think about what would be best for the child, depending on who they would feel more comfortable around. Most people think that going to public school for a public education would be better, statistics show that home schooling is beneficial in more ways. According to Teen Scene, home schooling grows at a rate that is about 11 percent each year. In 1994, it was said that only 340,000 children were being home schooled. In 2001, that number had grown to about 1.7 million. (Teen Scene) This number could have grown for many personal or non personal reasons, but what I feel about home schooled being a positive situation, is that the student doing this type of education, can learn time management, self motivation, and independence for themselves in the future. It could help them be able to grow up and learn things on their own and to be more independent for themselves. They could also feel more comfortable around their people during home school, rather then feeling uncomfortable arounds strangers in a public school or the fear of not getting along with anyone. Being around people that we know, makes us feel more comfortable in the environment that we could be in. Home schoolers also have the freedom to just get up, stay in their pajamas, walk about a few feet in their home, and just

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