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Essay criteria for criminal in psychology. Ted Bundy. ‘I am the most cold-blooded son of a bitch you’ll ever meet....I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill’-Ted Bundy Ted Bundy or Theodore Robert Bundy (born as Cowell), was born on 24th of November 1946 at Elizabeth Lund Home for unwed mothers his mother Elenor Louise Cowell or known as Louise by most of the family, told reporters afterwards that Teds father had been a navy man and told how he had seduced her, there had been speculation that Bundy’s actual father was his grandfather Samuel Cowell as he was known to be abusive and violent towards his family. Louise’s parents brought up Ted as their own son to avoid social stigma. Ted told his biographer Michaud that he could ‘identify with’ ‘respected’ and ‘clung to’ his grandfather. Other family members told attorneys in 1989 (after Ted had been arrested), that Samuel Cowell was a tyrannical bully and a bigot who hated blacks, Italians, Catholics and Jews. The attorneys were told how Cowell would beat his wife and family dog and also how he would swing the neighbourhood cats by their tails. Julia Cowell (the youngest sister) even claims to have been thrown down the stairs by her father for sleeping in, no such claims or stories were ever told that Samuel had beat Ted but he would fly of the handle when Teds paternity would come up in conversation. It was said that Cowell would sometimes speak to unseen presences in the house. Bundy described his grandmother as a timid and obedient woman who periodically underwent Electroconvulsive therapy for depression he said she feared leaving the house and even more so toward the end of her life. Julia Cowell told reporters of how she assumed that Ted was disturbed at a young age, as one day as she had been taking a nap she awoke to find all the kitchen knives surrounding her on the bed whilst Ted looking sinister at

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