201 Understand Employment Responsibilities And Rights Case Study

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201 Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Assignment overview In this assessment you will explore aspects of employment law, your role and responsibilities in respect of employment practices and present an issue of public concern that has occurred within either the health, social care or children’s and young people’s sector. Additionally, you will create a career plan which reflects on your continuing professional development and related learning and possible future qualification opportunities. Tasks There are four tasks to this assignment. A Short answer questions B Your work role C Career pathway D Presentation or report This is a summary of the evidence…show more content…
Maria Worrall aged 78years had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had suffered several falls; she had ended up bed bound and admitted to hospital. Whilst at hospital it was agreed that Maria would need to go into a nursing home as she was no longer able to do anything for herself and needed to be cared for. Jane Worrall cared for her mother for a little while she would do all the dressing, bathing and cooking. Jane fell pregnant and wasn’t able to manage the care her mother needed anymore so she had looked at several homes and liked the look of ash court and from the ratings on the internet from the CQC were giving an excellent…show more content…
her daughter would ask if she was okay and all Maria would do is cry and say no. Jane was upset by her mother’s response which is why she decided to buy a hidden camera It was the only way she was going to get answers and to know what was really going on. It was recorded that two female carers hulling Maria out from the chair and manhandling her onto the bed she was crying out in pain and you see one of them drop her legs onto the bed, all you heard Maria say was “oh god oh god!” they would comment on how bad her breath smelt. The second night she filmed she noticed the male carer on the footage obviously in Marias room all on his own and Jane stated only female carers. He was seen tugging Marias clothes, shoving her on her side whilst Maria was crying with humiliation and pain his arm swung back whilst he slapped her thigh. He would slap Maria across the face and thigh over and over

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