Fred West Rape Theory

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Why did they do it? Fred West born 29th of September 1941, he became a British serial killer. He alone and with his second wife Rosemary tortured raped and killed a minimum of eleven girls between the years of 1967 to 1987. Fred west was born into a poor family which from an early life he witnessed much abuse within the family. He knew and had seen his father have incestuous relationships with his daughters, but it happened on a regular basis that it was “an accepted part of the house hold”. Fred west father also introduced bestiality to Fred from a young age and had multiple said to him “do what you want, just don’t get caught doing it”. It was later alleged that Fred’s mother began sexually abusing him at the age of 12 how ever this was…show more content…
Also due to these injuries he suffered he had a major amount of brain damage from an early age so his brain would not be functioning properly and due to lack of boundaries when growing up he won’t determine what is right and what is wrong. Social – This perspective is of how people’s thoughts feelings behaviours and views are influenced by others whether they are actual, imaginary by others. The social learning theory was thought of by Albert Bandura. He stated that there were four main stages which included: close contact, imitations of superiors, understanding of concepts and role model behaviour. I believe this perspective apply o Fred west as, I believe he was heavily influenced by his father in early life and then equal or even more by his second wife Rosemary who had the rougher upbringing of the two and so wanted to inflict the same abuse she had and due to Fred’s Brain damage I believe he was still stuck in the state were at a young age we imitate others and so to him Rosemary looks like a figure of superiority and is imitating her actions she does to others.

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