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Psy 202 Rough Draft Essay

  • Submitted by: mirela85
  • on July 29, 2013
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My Life Then and Now
Mirela Zizic
PSY 202
Katherine Barnett

My Life
  I. Where are you from?
  a. Bosnia and Herzegovina, small country in eastern Europe.
  II. What things do you remember in your childhood?
  a. Bosnian war.
  b. My grandparents.
  III. C. What are some of your favorite memories?
  a. Growing up before the war.
  b. My sisters being born.
  c. Coming to United States.
  IV. What would make you happy in the future?
  a. Getting my education.
  b. Starting a family of my own.
  V. What are your personal, professional and academic goals?
  a. Personal- to own my own home.
  b. Professional- To obtain a career within medical field.
  c. Academic- to finish my bachelor’s degree, and continue on to Physician Assistant School.

My Life
I never imagined growing up that my life’s journey would bring me to United States.   In this paper you will read about my life growing up in a warzone and experiencing difficult and wonderful moments of my childhood.   I will also present my coming to United States and trying to achieve what I consider to be American dream.   This includes all of my future goals and aspirations toward receiving my education and moving forward in medical field.
I am originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina.   This is a small country in Eastern Europe which went through some major changes in early 1990’s.     I was only 7 years old when war in Bosnia started.   Prior to this I had a regular childhood with two working parents and wonderful grandparents.   Since at that time I was only child I got loads of attention which included plenty of talks in regards to what’s right and wrong.   Both my parents and grandparents had the idea that education is really important.   That was installed in me from very early on.  
Few months before war started I was blessed with a little baby sister.   My parent’s named her Merima.   I enjoyed being a big sister it was something I wanted for a long time....

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