Family and Child Developmental Case Study

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Family and Child Developmental Case Study Jessica’s case study 3/8/08 Introduction In this family and child developmental case study, I have chosen a family close to my residence. As required by the syllabus, I have been able to stay with the family and enquire deeply into Jessica’s development. Prior to the stay, I had read a few articles and books on developmental milestones. Mary Sheridan’s book “From birth to five years” and an article on the Child Development Programme by the Centre for Child and Adolescent Services Research Centre provided me all the necessary information to make suitable enquiries with the family. I was already armed with a set of questions to be asked when I reached for the stay. Family Assessment (Calgary Family Assessment Model, Wright and Leahy, 2000) The Family structure Jessica Ray is an infant of one year and nine months of age. She has an elder brother, Ryan, of age four years and six months. They have their mother Cathy and father Peter with them at home. The maternal grandparents, John and Louise are also living with them. They are a close knit extended family with plenty of bonding with each other and the children. Peter and Cathy have full time jobs. Peter is aged 31 and is a software engineer in the Wachovia Bank. Cathy is 30 and a staff nurse in the Hayes Hospital in town. Ryan, the elder child, is 3 years and 6 months of age. He is attending a day-care center close to his house. Louise takes him to and from it. Jessica is just 1 year and nine months. The older Rays are essentially farmers who had moderate holdings. Now the two brothers work there. The McKennas are also middle-class and held Government jobs. Both have accepted voluntary retirement and are living

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