My Autobiography Essay

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De’Asia Lee 4th Period, B-Day English1 Ms.Torrey My Autobiography Hi! My name is De’Asia Lee and I am 14 years old. I was born on September 20,1996, UMC I am from Jackson Mississippi, I have been here all my life. I have one brother name Emmanuel Lee he’s in the 6TH grade at Chastain Middle School. And I live with my mommy (Tiffany Lee) who has been taking care of me and Emmanuel for all of our life, she is a good mother to me & and my brother. I am coming from Chastain Middle School, this year to be a 9th grader at Murrah High School. I had a really nasty attitude. And to coming to Murrah High School has made me change my attitude. I am coming from Chastain Middle School to Murrah High School, to be a Murrah Mustang this year. I really hope to get to know the teachers really good. I would like to meet some new friends this year. I would like to get all my credits to move on to next grade, and so on tail I get out of school. And also do better then what I did in middle school. When I was Chastain Middle School I had a really nasty attitude. I did not want the teachers to say anything to me. I had bullying most of the kids and got to fighting two times. I had got suspend almost the whole year. I stay talking backing to the teachers and did not care what they told me. I stayed in the 8th grade principle office. Coming to Murrah has changed me, I new that I could not come here and act a fool in high school. I know I can get out of control sometimes but I can do better then what I be doing. I thought about it over the summer that I am growing up and I need a good education in this world. And my mommy told me to never give up on what I want to do and I wont for my mommy. I am becoming a young lady, so I need to stop all that middle school things. Like last year my friends and a lot of people call me THUG because of how I act and I used to cal myself ELIE
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