Brandy Coleman-Hinton: Case Study

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Hi everyone, My name is Brandy Coleman-Hinton. I am an Army CPT currently in Hawaii. I have an AA in general studies, an BSBA, and an MBA. This is currently my 13th class. I have been serving my country for 17 years. I have a 13 year old daughter, a 10 year old daughter, and another daughter due in February. Three strikes and i'm out. LOL. I feel I want to become a College Professor upon graduation from Argosy. I feel the advice I can give leaders in my career field from my experience is customer service initiatives and advice in the military arena. I have over 15 years management experience in business and healthcare. I am responsible for the organizational Structure of my Cadre and my unit by ensuring that they capable of receiving and controlling additional combat, combat support or…show more content…
I also am responsible for both enforcing the law and the Soldiers rights. I am responsible for all legal attributes of my Soldiers. I teach them how to resolve legal issues and also what the Uniform Code of Military Justice entails. I am also responsible for the Internal Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, which focus on internal factors that give my organization certain advantages and disadvantages in meeting the needs of WAR. I am also responsible for the External Analysis. I was responsible for establishing leadership climate of the unit and developing disciplined and cohesive units. This sets the parameters within which command will be exercised and, therefore, sets the tone for social and duty relationships within the command. I trained the Instructors to plan, supervise, and integrates the installation, operation, and maintenance of Signal support systems, to include radio, wire and battlefield automated systems. I taught them how plans and provide unit level training for automation and communications systems and Signal support equipment. Assist in staff supervision of information services. Plans, supervises and executes unit level maintenance programs for

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